Our Values

ZEMIR PHARMA bases its activity in six core principles: honor, professional ethics, honesty, courage, integrity and loyalty. These principles constitute a cohesive force of the company and are always part of the duties of ZEMIR PHARMA contracts signed with clients.


Public recognizition that is obtained by the fulfillment of the duty and by the practice of good actions, resulting in individual and collective reputation and prestige. It is a fundamental value for ZEMIR PHARMA and for the human resources.


ZEMIR PHARMA employees guide their behavior towards well-defined and clear professional ethics values, resulting from an excellence background   In essence; professional ethics is based on respect for both the laws of the country and international laws, for the line of leadership, for the hierarchy, for the service to others.


It is the virtue that comes from honor and is reflected in the truth. ZEMIR PHARMA, considers honesty one of the foundations of the company for its importance in the workplace and in the character of its members.


Courage is the moral energy to take the right actions, even in adversity; to do what has to be done, recognize what is fair and sustain what is true.


It is the honesty and fairness demonstration in decisions, not violating norms and laws.This results in the respect and trust on others as well as in the strengthening of our own moral.


It is the faithfullness to principles, the strict observance of the truth and the constancy and firmness in the commitment assumed. The loyalty is always present, both in the relationship between the collaborators and with the clients.