Privacy Policy

As of May 25, 2018, the new General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data became applicable. (EU, 2016/679)

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ZEMIR PHARMA's approach to the protection of personal data is to reduce the information collected to the absolute minimum necessary and in no case does ZEMIR PHARMA assign, share or make public the personal information of its employees, customers´ employees or customers´ suppliers.

The personal data collected is used exclusively for the exercise of its services with its customers and in the legitimate interest of employees and suppliers who interact with ZEMIR PHARMA.

This personal data is used only for the purpose of the provision of services by ZEMIR PHARMA and its employees.


Term of Data Retention

The personal data of the collaborators or clients´ suppliers are kept only during the period in which the customer service agreement is active and used exclusively within the scope of the purposes for which they were collected, already identified above. After this period personal data will be deleted.

In the event that a client or employee leave, is personal data will be erased from the ZEMIR PHARMA database, after acknowledgement of the leave or end of collaboration.

Right access, rectification and removal of data: At any time one can request to update verification or rectification of individual data. One may also, at any time, request the total removal of individual data, except as provided by law.

In case of questions or doubt that ZEMIR PHARMA has misused your contact, please contact us at


Security Measures

The ZEMIR PHARMA computer system has PASSWORD security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Brute-force authentication attempts quickly result in lock and alert mode.

All ZEMIR PHARMA information is encrypted on your Office 365 electronic platform and can only be accessed in a doubly authenticated way (password and code generated on each employee's mobile phone).

The servers and software involved in running the company are regularly monitored and updated to prevent security vulnerabilities, and any new tools and practices that may emerge will be considered and promptly implemented if considered relevant.

Data controller contact

ZEMIR PHARMA is responsible for the processing of personal data of its employees, client’s collaborators or clients´ suppliers, that are submitted to us via email or verbally.


Existence of Automated Decisions

We do not use any type of profile definitions or adopt any automated decisions.


Data Holder's Rights

Data owners may exercise their rights, through the contacts of the data controller already mentioned above, in accordance with the applicable legislation:

- Right of access;

- Right of rectification;

- Right to erasure;

- Right to limit treatment;

- The right to portability;

- Right of opposition;

- The right not to be subject to exclusively automated individual decisions;

- Right to complain to the supervisory authority in Portugal:


National Commission for Data Protection - CNPD

Rua de São Bento, nº 148, 3º1200-821 Lisboa

Phone: +351 213928400

Fax: +351 213976832



To exercise your rights together with ZEMIR PHARMA, you can contact us through:

Phone: +351 219 490 229


Address: Rua Joaquim da Silva Nogueira nº6 Lja Dta 2685-408 Prior Velho. Portugal


Privacy Policy

In the event of a personal data breach through the ZEMIR PHARMA computer system or any external data processor involved, we will notify all relevant individuals and authorities within 72 hours after we become aware of the occurrence and if it is apparent that identifiable personal data been stolen.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may in the future update this privacy policy, in line with legislation or developments in the area, providing a new version of this policy. We encourage the occasional visitor to stay informed about how we use your personal data.

Any questions or need clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.